2015 Wake Surf World Championships

October 1st, 2015

Back in Texas after a great week in Arizona for the 2015 Wake Surf World Championships!  The venue was the Blue Water Resort and Casino on the Colorado River.  Overall, conditions were good with only short periods of wind.  Centurion’s new Ri237 produced the wave for us to surf on.

This year I qualified for both Pro Skim and Surf divisions at the world championships.  And although my skim style riding has really peaked this year I decided to only participate in the Pro Men’s Surf division at Worlds.  Just wanted to focus on the division that I have really worked hard at for the last 3 years.    But check out my Instagram feed for the video of my skim style 720 Big Spin!  I’ll bring that trick with me to next year’s event.  It’s sick.

The Pro Men’s Surf division was stacked with the best guys out there.  We had a qualifying run the first day that shrunk our division down by a couple guys.  Day 2 we were supposed to ride in a semi-finals run but the competition ran late all day and they didn’t have time to run our division.  So all 7 guys were passed through to finals for day 3.  I was happy with both my runs on day 1 and day 3.  The more technical tricks in my runs included a Big Spin, 3-Shuv, Front Shuv, Air 360 along with other trick combo and aerials with different grabs. The video of my finals run is attached below.

Long story short is I came in 2 place at Worlds.  Missed the World Champion title by just 2 points.  It was close.  I’ll be back next year ready to battle hard.

This wraps up the 2015 competitive season for me – except for quick trip to Houston tomorrow for a one-day competition behind the new Malibu 25 LSV.  I need to give a huge shoutout to all my sponsors for supporting me with boats, boards, fins and other gear.  And obviously big thanks to my parents that have traveled with me all season to compete.

I’ll go into off-season training now which means lifting in the gym, going to the lake to surf for fun and hitting the Flow Rider hard to work on my Tre Flips and other flip tricks on the Flow Rider.  I’m also going to hit the slopes a lot this winter – – gonna ride that snow board!

Thanks for following along this season!  Check out my Instagram account, @parkerpaynesurf, for frequent photos and videos of what I’m up to.



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