2015 Wake Surf Season Kicks Off In Arizona – Supreme Wake Surf Championship

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

It’s great to be back in the water after a long winter!  The weather in Texas was crazy cold with more than our fair share of ice and snow.  So it was really fun to start this year’s world series off in one of my favorite cities — Parker, Arizona!!  The Bluewater Resort and Casino played host to the 2015 Supreme Wake Surf Championship.  This event is famous for its “Sombrero Madness” theme which is now 3 years strong.  It all started at the Loreto, Mexico event where in the middle of a wake surf contest a party broke out with sombreros and tequila.  The Supreme event has been put on by Jeff and Judy Walker and they always do a spectacular job.

This year was no different!  The event sold out quickly and riders were only allowed to compete in one division – skim or surf.  Although I do enjoy skimming, my specialty is surf and the division was stacked with a bunch of great riders.  I rode ok on day 1 but absolutely had the ride of my life on day two!  Shuv in, Shuv out, Big Spin and 360 Shuv to name a few of the tricks.  I was stoked on that run!  And it was cool hearing the crowd yelling from the cantina that is right in front of the course.  I ended up in 3rd place for Pro Men’s Surf and brought home a nice wad of cash.

This weekend we’re off to Austin, TX to compete in a new event down there.  Looking forward to getting back behind the boat!