USA Wakesurf National Championships

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

I just pulled back into Dallas after an amazing weekend in Georgia for the 2015 USA National Championships.  It was simply the most intense and sick riding I have ever seen!! I’m talking about the amateurs all the way through the pro riding.  The event took place, once again, at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA, which is about an hour South of Atlanta.  I have written in the past about this venue.  It’s historic and just an incredible location for any water sport competition.

Back to the insane riding that went down.  Spectators saw Big Spins and Shuvs from amateur skim riders!  We also witnessed Ashley Kidd nailing the first Big Spin in women’s pro surf.  And the men’s pro skim and surf divisions were simply off the hook!  It was competitive, intense, entertaining and for me, exhausting!

Unfortunately, I had a terrible skim run and missed the cut by a long shot.  Not sure what happened but I just had an off day.  Too bad because my skim riding has really improved over the last couple months.  However, in the pro surf division I was fortunate to make the cut both days and wound up in 3rd place on the podium.   Keenan Flegel landed in second and his brother Noah took down 1st place. Each run is available online.  Check them out – it was crazy!

High five to all the riders this weekend.  It really was some of the best riding this sport has ever seen!

This month wraps up our 2015 season.  I have a quick trip to Orlando for the 2015 Surf Expo convention and will spend the rest of the month practicing on my home lake getting ready for Worlds in Arizona late this month.


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