2016 USA Wakesurf Nationals Wrap-up

August 29th, 2016

I’m back in Texas today after a great weekend in Georgia where the USA Wakesurf Nationals took place at Callaway Gardens.  I’ve written in the past about this historic lake.  It’s a historic body of water where the very best athletes in the world have competed since the 1950s.  Always cool to be back!

I’m stoked to have taken 2nd place in Pro Men’s Surf!  It was 3 days of competing against the best guys in the sport.  Happy to make the podium in the surf division!  I also competed in the Men’s Pro Skim division.  Here is a Public Service Announcement for you  – – don’t touch the competition boat!  My first run was a good one – including a Big Spin, 540 Big Spin and a straight 540 Shuv.  After passing the end-of-course buoy I continued various tricks as a combination and, long story short, I surfed right on to the back ski platform of the boat as it came to a stop at the end of the course.  Yep, there is a rule that prohibits that!  Who knew?!?  So there is your hot Pro’s Tip for the day – don’t touch the competition boat while out competing.  If you do, you’ll get disqualified like me!  It was a big disappointment for me because my skim game has been really peaking lately.  Lesson learned.  On to the world championships next month!


2016 USA Nationals

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