2018 Phase5 Phantom Surfboard – my signature pro model board!

September 25th, 2018

Really excited about my new partnership with Phase5.  Spent most of 2018 working on various prototype boards and I’m confident this new surf-style board is one of the most high performance boards on the market.  The Phase5 Phantom is a board for all levels – one to have fun on AND one to win podiums.  Check my Instagram feed for videos and photos of me pushing the limits of this sick board!  Tell your local dealer to order this board – or go to Phase5 and order directly!  

For those of you in Florida or in the Orlando area, THE go-t0 source for wake surfing lessons and board demo is Tarzan at Wakesurf Orlando.  He just posted a really nice review of my new board – check it out HERE!

2017 Season Update

July 1st, 2017

Howdy from Dallas!  This season is well under way and I’ve been busy with school, travel, photo shoots, practicing and, of course, competing!  The month of May was a lot of travel with photo shoots out East, down South and out West!  Lots of cool new boats and products coming out later this Fall.  I’m having a blast on this year’s Supra SA550. It’s a 2017 model that I designed I couldn’t be happier with the wave it creates for my training.  If you come through Dallas be sure to hit me up and come ride it.

Last weekend I was in the Salt Lake City area competing at the second stop of the Supra Boats PWT tour.  Stoked to announce that I won first place in the Men’s Pro WakeSurf division.  This is a super cool tour with the best wakeboarders and surfers in the world competing for some big bucks.  Happy to take the win at this one – everyone rode well!  July is another month of travel, riding and competing.  Plan to be in Virginia with some good friends to ride for a few days.  And I’ll be in Colorado later in the month for the third stop of the PWT tour.  August will be a trip up to MN for the 10,000 Lakes event then to GA for our USA Nationals.  In late August I’m headed to Lake Powell to put on a multi-day surf clinic with the folks from Colorado Lake Life.  This is going to be an epic trip and one that you should check out!  We’ll be staying on a Bravada yacht with a chef and Supra surf boats to create a massive wave to rip.  Limited spots available for this trip.  All skill levels are welcome!!  Come surf with me on one of the coolest lakes in the country!

I’ve been giving a lot wake surf lessons while home in Dallas. If you’re interested in landing a new trick or progressing at any level give me a shout!  Been having fantastic results working with young kids and even old geezers like my dad!

For the latest photos and videos of my riding stop by my Instagram account which is @parkerpaynesurf.  Hoping your summer is off to a great start!  


The 2017 Season Is Here!

March 29th, 2017

Yo! Seems like it was a long winter here in Texas.  It wasn’t that cold but it dragged on for ever.  The good news is wake surf season is upon us and my new 2017 Supra SA550 just showed up!  It is one sick ride and I’m really happy with the colors I picked this year.  And just like the last two seasons, I’ll have a supercharged, 575hp, Raptor motor helping to serve up what many of my friends know as one of the best wake surf waves in the industry.  If you’re new to wake surfing or want to take your game up a notch, let me know.  I’ll be coaching and giving lessons on my boat throughout the summer here in Dallas.  I’ll also be on Lake Powell out in Arizona in late August giving lessons there.  Look me up!

This winter I started working at the Slalom Shop in their Pro Shop.  These guys sell Supra, Moomba and other brands of boats.  And I’m fortunate to have them supporting me throughout the season.  Come see me for gear or to talk boats!

The 2017 competitive schedule is out and I’m evaluating what events I’ll be at.  First 4 confirmed events are with the Pro WakeSurf Tour sponsored by Supra Boats.  We’ll be in Alabama, Utah, Colorado and Ohio this year so I hope to see you there.  Check back soon on my schedule page to see a complete list of my events for 2017.

And stay tuned for some exciting announcements related to the boards I ride and gear I wear.  Got some good stuff in the works.  And as always, check me out on Instagram:  @parkerpaynesurf.  Lots of great photos and videos there!

So, let’s get this season going!!  Always stoked to see all my wake surf family out on the road.  Hope you’ll come say hi at an event or look me up in Dallas to ride.  Yew!!

2016 USA Wakesurf Nationals Wrap-up

August 29th, 2016

I’m back in Texas today after a great weekend in Georgia where the USA Wakesurf Nationals took place at Callaway Gardens.  I’ve written in the past about this historic lake.  It’s a historic body of water where the very best athletes in the world have competed since the 1950s.  Always cool to be back!

I’m stoked to have taken 2nd place in Pro Men’s Surf!  It was 3 days of competing against the best guys in the sport.  Happy to make the podium in the surf division!  I also competed in the Men’s Pro Skim division.  Here is a Public Service Announcement for you  – – don’t touch the competition boat!  My first run was a good one – including a Big Spin, 540 Big Spin and a straight 540 Shuv.  After passing the end-of-course buoy I continued various tricks as a combination and, long story short, I surfed right on to the back ski platform of the boat as it came to a stop at the end of the course.  Yep, there is a rule that prohibits that!  Who knew?!?  So there is your hot Pro’s Tip for the day – don’t touch the competition boat while out competing.  If you do, you’ll get disqualified like me!  It was a big disappointment for me because my skim game has been really peaking lately.  Lesson learned.  On to the world championships next month!


2016 USA Nationals

2016 Supra Boats PWT Wrap-Up

August 10th, 2016

That’s a wrap on the 2016 Supra Boats Pro Wake Surf Tour!  So pumped to take first place last weekend at the final stop of the tour in Indianapolis.  It was a great event and all the riders killed it.  Big shout out to Noah Flegel and Aaron Witherell for making the podium with me!  See the link below for a video wrap-up of the event.

I’m back in Texas for a couple weeks to prepare for the US Nationals of Wake Surfing.  It’s always a great event and completely stacked with the best riders out there.  I’ll be in Georgia at Callaway Gardens. Hope to see you there!

2016 Season – Here We Go!

April 1st, 2016

The weather finally is turning up here in Texas and I’ve been on the lake a few days during this last month to practice.  The official wake surf competitive season kicks off for me in just two weeks in Florida.  I’ll be headed to the Orlando area to compete in my first event for 2016.  However, tomorrow I’ll be up in the Boston area to compete in a unique event.  It’s an indoor wake surf competition at a very cool place called Surf’ sUp New Hampshire.  I’ve had the pleasure of surfing their indoor wave a few times and it’s really sick.  It’s a 32 foot wide indoor wave that is configurable in many different waves.  A smaller river wave and a 6′ barrel are two examples!  It’s awesome!  This weekend they are having a competition and a handful of pros will be there to compete for the $5000 in total prize money.  Laurie, the owner, and her team are super cool folks.  Should be epic!

I’ll be back in Dallas on Sunday night and plan to get on the lake a few days before heading out to Florida.  I’m super excited about this season.  We’ll be all over the place, just like last year.  As always, if you’re going to be in Dallas or have some time while I’m out traveling it would be great to surf with some new folks!

2016 – Here we go!





2015 Wake Surf World Championships

October 1st, 2015

Back in Texas after a great week in Arizona for the 2015 Wake Surf World Championships!  The venue was the Blue Water Resort and Casino on the Colorado River.  Overall, conditions were good with only short periods of wind.  Centurion’s new Ri237 produced the wave for us to surf on.

This year I qualified for both Pro Skim and Surf divisions at the world championships.  And although my skim style riding has really peaked this year I decided to only participate in the Pro Men’s Surf division at Worlds.  Just wanted to focus on the division that I have really worked hard at for the last 3 years.    But check out my Instagram feed for the video of my skim style 720 Big Spin!  I’ll bring that trick with me to next year’s event.  It’s sick.

The Pro Men’s Surf division was stacked with the best guys out there.  We had a qualifying run the first day that shrunk our division down by a couple guys.  Day 2 we were supposed to ride in a semi-finals run but the competition ran late all day and they didn’t have time to run our division.  So all 7 guys were passed through to finals for day 3.  I was happy with both my runs on day 1 and day 3.  The more technical tricks in my runs included a Big Spin, 3-Shuv, Front Shuv, Air 360 along with other trick combo and aerials with different grabs. The video of my finals run is attached below.

Long story short is I came in 2 place at Worlds.  Missed the World Champion title by just 2 points.  It was close.  I’ll be back next year ready to battle hard.

This wraps up the 2015 competitive season for me – except for quick trip to Houston tomorrow for a one-day competition behind the new Malibu 25 LSV.  I need to give a huge shoutout to all my sponsors for supporting me with boats, boards, fins and other gear.  And obviously big thanks to my parents that have traveled with me all season to compete.

I’ll go into off-season training now which means lifting in the gym, going to the lake to surf for fun and hitting the Flow Rider hard to work on my Tre Flips and other flip tricks on the Flow Rider.  I’m also going to hit the slopes a lot this winter – – gonna ride that snow board!

Thanks for following along this season!  Check out my Instagram account, @parkerpaynesurf, for frequent photos and videos of what I’m up to.



USA Wakesurf National Championships

September 1st, 2015

I just pulled back into Dallas after an amazing weekend in Georgia for the 2015 USA National Championships.  It was simply the most intense and sick riding I have ever seen!! I’m talking about the amateurs all the way through the pro riding.  The event took place, once again, at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA, which is about an hour South of Atlanta.  I have written in the past about this venue.  It’s historic and just an incredible location for any water sport competition.

Back to the insane riding that went down.  Spectators saw Big Spins and Shuvs from amateur skim riders!  We also witnessed Ashley Kidd nailing the first Big Spin in women’s pro surf.  And the men’s pro skim and surf divisions were simply off the hook!  It was competitive, intense, entertaining and for me, exhausting!

Unfortunately, I had a terrible skim run and missed the cut by a long shot.  Not sure what happened but I just had an off day.  Too bad because my skim riding has really improved over the last couple months.  However, in the pro surf division I was fortunate to make the cut both days and wound up in 3rd place on the podium.   Keenan Flegel landed in second and his brother Noah took down 1st place. Each run is available online.  Check them out – it was crazy!

High five to all the riders this weekend.  It really was some of the best riding this sport has ever seen!

This month wraps up our 2015 season.  I have a quick trip to Orlando for the 2015 Surf Expo convention and will spend the rest of the month practicing on my home lake getting ready for Worlds in Arizona late this month.


FullSizeRender 3

Finished 2015 Summer of Wake Surfing Tour

July 30th, 2015

Back in Dallas after a jam-packed June and July.  We covered 21 states, drove 9700 miles, boated on 15 different lakes, competed in 4 comps and finished 3 amazing photo/video shoots.  It was an incredible trip but even better was all the fun we had with new and old friends.  Good times!

One of the highlights of the trip was getting to film on Lake Powell in AZ.  For boaters, this lake is really considered the pinnacle of boating.  It’s beautiful, it’s unique, it’s huge, it covers two states and it is a sick place to shoot video!  We hired DroneU to document our few days on the lake.  The final video edit is below and can also be seen on my Vimeo page.  This is me wake surfing out of Antelope Canyon on Lake Powell at daybreak.  Paul Alexander flew the drone in this canyon which was very tricky!  The results speak for themselves – – some of the best wake surfing footage on film!



2015 Summer of Surfing Tour

July 4th, 2015

Happy July 4th!  I hope you’re enjoying a great holiday.  We’re spending the 4th getting ready for the second half of my 2015 Summer of Surfing Tour.  The first half was in the Eastern U.S.  We hit 10 states, competed in two events and had a blast in Eastern TN shooting video and photos for the new 2016 Supra and Moomba boats lineup.  Tomorrow we head out on our second part of the summer tour and it will take us to another 10 states, two more competitions, a photo shoot on Lake Tahoe and camping with friends on Lake Powell.  Headed out West for all of July and we plan to shred up some beautiful lakes.  Hope your summer is rippin’ right along!