• Aqua Shop – Indoor Surfing – This is the first time a FlowRider has been installed in a store rather than a water park or cruise ship. It’s an amazing experience, combining the action-packed thrills of surfing, bodyboarding, and wakeboarding: just ride the wave, using your skill and experience to stay in control. If you do wipe out (and you will!), the soft padded floor makes the FlowRider perfectly safe. It’s as much fun to watch as it is to ride, but we warn you, it’s very addictive.


  • Phase5 – The essence of Phase Five Wakesurf Boards was founded over 25 years ago, with our sister company Zap Skimboards. Ever since we began building boards, people have been riding our skimboards behind boats.  We have taken the technology of building skimboards, listened to wakeboarders’ desires, then perfected a finned board that would allow anyone to ride freely behind a wake boat. And with over 25 years of designing boards made to ride smoothly on waves from knee high to overhead, we know we have one of the best wakesurfboards on the market today. These boards are all handmade in America and are made to perform.
    If you are a wakesurf beginner or a seasoned veteran, you should be riding a board from the company who understands what works best on the water, has brought home 5 World Titles and has been building the boards longer than any other.  All of our boards are handmade in Venice, Florida. We take a lot of pride in the fact that every board we make passes through the hands of some of the most skilled and meticulous people in the industry. Every stage of the build process is done to meet an extremely high standard. If a board isn’t perfect, it doesn’t leave our factory. We have been crafting boards for riders for over 25 years.

    Phase 5 is a rider owned and operated company. The same guys that are out on the water competing and riding are also the ones who are shaping, designing and building our boards.

  • Lead Wake – In an effort to make my stamp…or “footprint” in the wakeboard and wakesurf industry, I’ve created these easy-to-carry 50LB Lead Wake™ bags. These bags measure just 12” long by 10” wide and are approx. 2” high in the center. These bags can be placed in just about any spot on your boat, including the glove box. The bags contain 100% recycled  steel material. Sewn into the inside is a load dispersing high density foam core
    to protect not only the bag, but your boat as well.
    My custom designed bags are easy to shift around in your boat to clean up any wake. Tired of asking your boat crew to get up and move to the other side?….just grab a couple bags and move them to adjust that wake. Does your boat have small compartments that won’t allow a “big” water ballast bag? My Lead Wake bags can be stacked and placed in tight spaces. At a density of 9x that of water, just a few bags can replace those space consuming water bags.
  • Hype Surf Co –  Hype Surf Company is a long awaited brand and retailer catering to Flowboarding, Wake Surfing and Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Here at Hype Surf Co. we are all about supporting the riders. We believe in the love of the sport and are striving to give riders everything they need to accomplish their dreams and goals.
  • Supra Boats – Where Passion Meets Precision.  Supra Boats is fueling water sports passion with a high performance 2015 model line defined by bold designs and interior refinement achieved through precision engineering. Supra wakes and waves push pros to new heights while preserving precise handling and a balanced ride for those in the boat. Propelled by the strongest most efficient power available, 2015 Supra boats are built with the high torque 6.2L Ford Raptor Engine by Indmar. Audacious exterior styling keeps heads turning towards Supra boats no matter the body of water. That same bold style spills into Supra interiors precisely built for water sports boaters with an ever-evolving combination of function, comfort and elegance. Supra boats like the 2015 SE, SA and SC are precisely designed for wake boaters by wake boaters. This empathetic engineering becomes undeniable with rider-centric innovations like the transferable custom curl-making Supra Swell Surf System.
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